groups & workshops

Couples and Premarital Counseling Workshop

We want to help you feel confident, prepared, and overcome any concerns you may have about yourself, your partner,  or relationship, as you take the steps towards martial commitment. 

If you are already married and find yourself struggling to connect, be on the same page, or recapture the feelings of "newness", this group is for you. We teach you concrete and take-home approaches for you to reconnect with your partner, learn to value each other and how to get wants and needs met within the relationship. 

Self Esteem/Concept Classes

We have developed a series of educational and experiential processing groups that guide participates to  identify who they want to be then teach them skills of empowerment to love, except and flourish as they live their lives strong with confidence, peace and joy. 

There are groups geared for adults and teen. You may choose between an evening 8 week class or a two weekend, half-day workshop. 

These class concepts and may also be incorported into your individual sessions. 

Parenting Classes

Parenting is one of the greatest life experiences you might claim unless...your child has behavioral challenges.  Religiousness, defiance depression and anxiety are all areas that can create a sense of failure or helplessness for parents.  In our parenting classes hope and empowerment is obtained as you learn communication, boundary, and follow through skills. Simple steps taken can produce the greatest results.  

  Give us a call and let us discuss what your needs are and how we can help.