Couples and Relationships

Studies have consistently shown that an unhappy married couples will wait about six years before seeking counseling. Disputes that are left unresolved often create negativity within the relationship. Couples counseling explores the differing wants and needs within the relationship that affect intimacy and develops communication and problem-solving skills.   

  Many people are struggling in their search to find the right person to spend their life with, it seems no matter how hard they try, they feel it is just not possible. While others, are stuck in unhappy relationships feeling at a loss as to how to make it work. If you are having a problem with relationships therapy can help.  Therapy can help you see how you might actually be self-sabotaging your relationships.    

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Parenting and Family

  Therapy can be valuable for families striving to cope with conflicts effectively and reestablish meaningful connection. The family is a system where each individual plays a distinct role to keep the family progressing. Unfortunately, there are times when families can develop negative patterns. Family therapy can build healthy coping, problem solving, and communication skills that can create positive changes within the family system.  


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  Teens face many new challenges in this extremely fast-paced world. The standards for “good enough” seem to be higher and harder to achieve and the pressure to succeed can challenge even the most resilient children. Furthermore, the world of social media is complex and difficult to navigate. It is understandable that teens may feel anxious, disappointed, overwhelmed and confused, to some degree, about how to manage these growing academic, emotional and social demands.   We have a wealth of experience working with teens and their families, helping them successfully manage these challenges and improve their communication skills to meet the issues that lie ahead.            Parents frequently struggle with how to help their kids develop and maintain positive self-worth while setting appropriate, consistent and fair expectations. With counseling, parents learn to develop healthy boundaries and how implement them in ways that promote a strong family unit and healthy independent adults of children.