People who are seeking psychotherapy generally have two questions:   

1) Are my problems bad enough to justify the time and expense of therapy? 

2) How can talking about my problems really help?   

If you are spending time researching counselors then the answer to the first question is probably “Yes, you deserve to invest time and money in your own happiness.”   

The answer for the second question… talking about ones problems is only a part of counseling.  You will also learn to identify patterns that have interfered with your ability to enjoy life and replace them with the healthy choices that will realistically fit your lifestyle. We will help you develop into who you want be and have a greater sense of calmness and confidence so that you continue to grow and evolve into the best you. 


 Our goal is to partner with you to help you achieve your highest potential. We are client- centered. We use solution and strength based focuses to achieve real results. We are able to support you and your goals by using brief therapeutic modalities that can be used in individual sessions as well as classes, groups, and workshops. Or, we are able to extend serves into multiple visits that are scheduled to fit into your lifestyle. We understand that time constraints can impact ones ability to focus on themselves. Your counseling plan will be what works best for you.    

With a large group of therapists, we can offer a wide variety of approaches and personalities to match you with the therapist who can best support you in your goals.  

We are the Apex Counseling Group. We are a group of Licensed Therapists. We work with individuals, couples and families.  We encourage you to look around and learn more about what we do and how we work.  

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